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The Campus Pride Index is an overall indicator of institutional commitment to LGBTQ-inclusive policy, program and practice. How is this calculated?

Region: Southwest
City/State: Abilene, TX
Locale: Medium City (100,000 to 500,000)
Student Population (FTE): 1,046
In-State Tuition: $26,100.00
Out-of-State Tuition: $26,100.00
Institution Website:
Institution Type:
Baccalaureate College/University
Private Institution
Liberal Arts College
Residential Campus
Hispanic Serving Institution
Religious Affiliation

LGBTQ Student Opportunities


Colleges and universities want LGBTQ students, faculty and staff to be out and proud as part of the diversity of the campus community.  The Campus Pride Index provides campuses the opportunity to come out as LGBTQ-friendly and take responsibility for continually improving their LGBTQ campus climate. 
The Campus Pride Index features LGBTQ student opportunities by highlighting the positive work within higher education across the country. Prospective students and families may choose the best LGBTQ campuses searching the tool based on area of study, cost, location, type of campus and LGBTQ-inclusive policy, programs and practice for their college search.  
Reminder: Learn more by signing-up for FREE to participate in Campus Pride's LGBTQ-friendly National College Fair Program in eight different cities and the Campus Pride National Online College Fair.

Commitment to LGBTQ Issues

McMurry’s commitment to LGBTQ issues is manifested in four primary areas. First, our top administrators are fully committed to acceptance and inclusion. They support inclusive policies, services, and programming. Title IX is respected and enforced. Second, the Division of Student Affairs operates out of a philosophy of commitment to diverse identities including diverse sexual and gender identities. This division hosted a train-the-trainer version of safe-zone training within the past year. Their counseling center, likewise, is committed to the well-being of LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff. Third, the newly formed Center for Community Inclusion provides a university sanctioned entity that affirms diversity. The center seeks to provide support for people of various identities and anticipates programming that enacts their mission. Finally, the student group SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) involves LGBTQ students and allies in mutual support and educational activities.

Our Synopsis

McMurry University offers a weekly meeting for LGBTQ and ally students. This weekly setting also has welcomed individuals from the community as well as students from nearby universities. The McMurry group used to be called Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), but it is now goes by the name Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA). The format of the weekly meetings range from topical presentations to just an informal time for conversation and sharing. A year ago several SAGA members and sponsors took SafeZone training, so the campus offers, if need be, more one on one meetings.

Featured Quotes

Why you'll love McMurry University

I find that the culture of McMurry University generally has a “live and let live” attitude about LGBTQ identities. Worldviews and religious perspectives on campus are fairly diverse. Consequently, one could find faculty, staff, and students with varieties of opinions—pro, con, and neutral—about LGBTQ people. The cumulative impact is one of acceptance. The administration is definitely supportive, thus making the campus safe from the top down. Faculty, staff, and students who aren’t supportive are fairly quiet. Of the three universities in town, McMurry is definitely known as the one that supports queer identities.

— Anonymous

McMurry does what it can in terms of inclusivity within Abilene. However, I feel that McMurry has far to go in terms of acceptance. As a gay student I have experienced the good and bad of McMurry. Much of the faculty and staff has been there to comfort me, but I find myself wishing for more. Our campus has a lot of great people, but just not enough of them are vocal about LGBTQ+ rights.

— Sophomore LGBTQ student

Overall Campus Pride Index Score

The Campus Pride Index has a strong theoretical research foundation in LGBTQ current programs, practices and policies for safer, more inclusive campus learning environments. The index tool has been tested extensively since 2001 and recently updated with new, higher LGBTQ national benchmarks in 2015. 

The Campus Pride Index is a vital tool for assisting campuses in learning ways to improve their LGBTQ campus life and ultimately shape the educational experience to be more inclusive, welcoming and respectful of LGBTQ and ally people. The index is owned and operated by Campus Pride, the leading national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create safer, more LGBTQ-Friendly learning environments at colleges and universities. Campus Pride commends the campuses participating in the index and their willingness to come out, be visible and actively advocate for improving higher education for LGBTQ people.

McMurry University
LGBTQ-friendly break-down by inclusion factors

Sexual Orientation Score
1.5 of 5
Gender Identity/Expression Score
1.5 of 5
LGBTQ Policy Inclusion
1 of 5
LGBTQ Support & Institutional Commitment
1 of 5
LGBTQ Academic Life
2 of 5
LGBTQ Student Life
2 of 5
LGBTQ Housing & Residence Life
1 of 5
LGBTQ Campus Safety
2.5 of 5
LGBTQ Counseling & Health
3 of 5
LGBTQ Recruitment & Retention Efforts
1.5 of 5
Sections greyed out mean the campus does not offer those services

LGBTQ-Friendly Report Card

LGBTQ Policy Inclusion

Non-discrimination statement inclusive of sexual orientation
Non-discrimination statement inclusive of gender identity/expression
Health insurance coverage to employees’ same sex partner
Accessible, simple process for students to change their name on university records and documents
Accessible, simple process for students to change their gender identity on university records and documents
Students have option to self-identify sexual orientation on admission application or post enrollment forms
Students have option to self-identify gender identity/expression on admission application or post enrollment forms

LGBTQ Support & Institutional Commitment

Resource center/office with responsibilities for LGBTQ students
Paid staff with responsibilities for LGBTQ support services
Ally program or Safe Space/Safe Zone
Actively seek to employ diversity of faculty & staff including visible, out LGBTQ people
Standing advisory committee that deals with LGBTQ issues
LGBTQ alumni group

LGBTQ Academic Life

LGBTQ studies program
LGBTQ specific course offerings
Actively recruit faculty for LGBTQ-related academic scholarship
New faculty/staff training opportunities on sexual orientation issues
New faculty/staff training opportunities on gender identity issues
LGBTQ faculty/staff organization

LGBTQ Student Life

LGBTQ & Ally student organization
LGBTQ & Ally graduate student organization
LGBTQ social fraternity/sorority
Regularly plans LGBTQ social activities
Regularly plans educational events on transgender issues
Regularly offers educational events surrounding intersectionality of identities for LGBTQ people
LGBTQ-inclusive career services

LGBTQ Housing & Residence Life

LGBTQ living space, theme floors and/or living-learning community
Roommate matching for LGBTQ students to find LGBTQ-friendly roommate
Gender-inclusive housing for new students
Gender-inclusive housing for returning students
Gender-inclusive/single occupancy restroom facilities in campus housing
Gender-inclusive/single occupancy shower facilities in campus housing
Trains residence life and housing staff at all levels on LGBTQ issues and concerns

LGBTQ Campus Safety

Procedure for reporting LGBTQ related bias incidents and hate crimes
Active ongoing training for hate crime prevention
Active outreach to LGBTQ students and student organization
Trains campus police on sexual orientation issues
Trains campus police on gender identity/expression issues
Supports victims of LGBTQ sexual violence and partner violence

LGBTQ Counseling & Health

LGBTQ counseling/support groups
Trans-inclusive trained counseling staff
Free, anonymous and accessible HIV/STI testing
LGBTQ-inclusive health information and safer sex materials available
Trans-inclusive student health insurance policy which covers ongoing counseling services
Trans-inclusive student health insurance policy which covers hormone replacement therapy

LGBTQ Recruitment & Retention

Annually participates in LGBTQ admission fairs
LGBTQ student scholarships
LGBTQ mentoring program to welcome and assist LGBTQ students in transitioning to academic and college life
Special Lavender or Rainbow Graduation ceremony for LGBTQ students and allies
Admission counselors receive LGBTQ-inclusive training and resources

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